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"The hardcore wouldn’t understand."

This movie is phenomenal.  Its well written, beautifully animated, and emotionally satisfying.  It excels in comedy, action, AND drama.  Seriously.  It takes itself seriously.  It isn’t afraid to make jokes but it treats its universe just as respectfully as the HTTYD movies do, and while you are watching, you forget how weird the concept Jack Black voicing a panda that does Kung Fu is, because the characters are so brilliant and entertaining that you are just wrapped up in this world.  This is one of those movies I tell people to trust me, and just watch it.  Let go of what you might think you’re about to see.  Just open your mind, and take down any walls you may have put up about it.  You might be really really surprised at what you find when you give it a chance.

(Source: babeheffroned)

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